Personalised Grey Stripe with Classic Font Initial Yoga Mat

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    1. Personalised Grey Stripe with Classic Font Initial Yoga Mat with Black Colour Trim
    2. Each customised yoga mat is made to order in the UK
    3. The personalised artwork is printed onto the fabric before it is hand-stitched onto a hessian lattice and a 4mm thick padded base
    4. It also comes with a handy carrying strap, making it perfect for travelling around with
    5. Measurements - 63cm x 180cm x 4mm
    6. Weight - 223 g approx
    7. Colours may vary from colours shown on your monitor
    1. Please allow 7-10 working days for your item to be dispatched
    2. Please ensure that all personalisation details entered are correct at the time of purchase as each yoga mat is personalised to your specification and so cannot be changed or refunded at a later date
    3. Products may need a signature on delivery
    1. Your new yoga mat should only be spot cleaned, which means that the visible spot or stain should be cleaned by hand using a cleaning agent. As this method of cleaning involves targeting only specific areas at a time, it's possible that residual watermarks may be left behind from the cleaning solvents, or the area that is cleaned will stand out more than the rest of the product. So please be careful.
    2. Many high quality yoga mats require a little breaking in, and your new custom printed yoga mat is no exception. We suggest using it as much as possible in the first instance, if you find it to be a little slippery. Walk on it, sit on it, even stretch on it in front of the TV. You can also use a micro fibre towel on top of the fabric, if you require a little extra grip.

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